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Welcome to my site. I write about things that catch my curiosity or that I am passionate about. Currently I am a research associate at MIT working on autonomous vehicle research, specifically how humans and AI systems can interact. I am generally interested in all things about minds, brains, and computers.


(A Bit of) Biological Neural Networks – Part I, Spiking Neurons

Neurons are cells — small bodies of mostly water, ions, amino acids and proteins with remarkable electrochemical properties. They are the primary functional units of the brain. Our mental experiences — our perceptions, memories, and thoughts — are the result of the ebb and flow of salts across neural bi-lipid membranes and the synaptic transmissions … Continue reading “(A Bit of) Biological Neural Networks – Part I, Spiking Neurons”


Omnizoom: a tool for zooming into videos, images, and arbitrary DOM elements. I use this to build annotation tools on MTurk.