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Welcome to my site. I write about things that catch my curiosity or that I am passionate about. Currently, I am working as an AI Engineer at ForgeAI on problems in NLP & computational linguistics. Previously I was working on the ‘cognitive science’ of self driving cars at MIT. I am generally interested in minds, brains, and computers.


Attractor Networks, (A bit of) Computational Neuroscience Part III

attractor landscape

Brains are comprised of networks of neurons connected by synapses, and these networks have greater computational properties than the neurons and synapses themselves. In this post, I am going to talk about a class of neural networks which I think are fascinating: attractor networks. These are recurrent neural networks with attractor states; these states and … Continue reading “Attractor Networks, (A bit of) Computational Neuroscience Part III”

Synapses, (A Bit of) Biological Neural Networks – Part II

pyrimidal neurons

Synapses are the couplings between neurons, allowing signals to pass from one neuron to another. However, synapses are much more than mere relays: they play an important role in neural computation. The ongoing dramas of excitation and inhibition and of synaptic potentiation and depression give rise to your abilities to make decisions, learn, and remember. … Continue reading “Synapses, (A Bit of) Biological Neural Networks – Part II”

(A Bit of) Biological Neural Networks – Part I, Spiking Neurons

Neurons are cells — small bodies of mostly water, ions, amino acids and proteins with remarkable electrochemical properties. They are the primary functional units of the brain. Our mental experiences — our perceptions, memories, and thoughts — are the result of the ebb and flow of salts across neural bi-lipid membranes and the synaptic transmissions … Continue reading “(A Bit of) Biological Neural Networks – Part I, Spiking Neurons”


RRT-demo: rrt is a pretty algorithm.






RRT*-demo: rrt* is also a pretty algorithm.






Burnout: furiously, burn rubber in a stunt car to draw elegant calligraphy.






Crosswalk Experiment: an experiment measuring human decisions when crossing the street.






Trajectory-generator: a tool for generating a turk experiment.






Omnizoom: a tool for zooming into videos, images, and arbitrary DOM elements. I use this to build annotation tools on MTurk.





Omni-bbox: a tool for drawing bounding boxes/zooming into arbitrary DOM elements.